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12th August 2021 : Star Mine has been reviews by Free Apps For Me

Free Apps For Me have reviewed and recommended Star Mine!

      - Check out the review here.

30th May 2021 : Development Kit Updated to v1.09.1

The AMCOG Development Kit has been updated to v1.09.1.

It now contains 4 games including a new 7 phase case study that shows how to create an alien space invader style game.

Also new is a feature to create sound effects via a new procedure in the sound kit : SoundMake(). A new Welcome Disc style example has been provided to illustrate how to use this procedure.

The change log for v1.09.1 is listed below:

  • Added new case study and full game (Quebix Attack)
  • Added RDSP front end to make it easier to create ENVELOPE commands
  • Added sound samples
  • Added new graphics
  • Added music tracks
  • Added USB Joystick
  • Added library updates for Escape from the Arcade, Star Mine (non-3D) and Scuba Hunter
  • Significant improvements to documentation : Now the kit includes a signficantly improved 30 page reference manual.
The AMCOG Development Kit v1.09.1 is available now from the PlingStore for 17.99 UK pounds.

24th April 2021 : Spy Mission : The Ice Caves of Dr. Atom is Available to Buy

AMCOG is presenting at the Wakefield RISC OS Virtual show!

Our latest game has been released today with a special show discount!

See above for details.

12th Feburary 2021 : Game Development Update

More graphics have been done for Spy Mission : The Ice Caves of Dr. Atom.

We're currently adding more game play features.
The basic design is fairly solid now.

11th Feburary 2021 : Star Mine on Sale!

Star Mine is a 3D first person perspective space shoot 'em up.

Awesome old school action! 30% off during the Lunar Sale!

6th February 2021 : ROUGOL Video

In case you missed it, Leo White has now posted the video of my talk from last month:

18th January 2021 : AMCOG at ROUGOL

AMCOG Games is presenting to the RISC OS User Group Of London tonight.

Why not come along? Although the presentation is being recorded and will be online at a later date and details will be posted both here and on twitter.


6th January 2021 : Star is now available to buy for Windows and Linux

Buy it today and support Indie Games!

You can access the store page here:

Star Mine on Steam

Or the AMCOG Games Windows Star Mine page here:

Star Mine Windows/Linux version

8th November 2020 : Star Mine on Steam

An enhanced version of Star Mine is scheduled for release on Steam

on the 6th of January 2021.

After nearly 4 months of beta testing with a team of Beta testers

across the UK we have now made our Steam store page live!

You can access the store page here:

Star Mine on Steam

Or the AMCOG Games Windows Star Mine page here:

Star Mine Windows/Linux version

8th November 2020 : Development update

We always work on multiple candidate games in paralle.

As such are working on a new interim tltle based on a re-imagining of an

unreleased game from 1986. More details will follow in the next few weeks

Otherwise, hair rush and tracker support for RDSP continues.

Watch this space ...

12th June 2020 : News round up

We hope that you are all well and look forward to seeing you in the future

at the next RISC OS show!

Elesar are running a promotion where both the AMCOG Games Puzzle

and Space collections can be bought for 29.99 UK pounds.

Meanwhile, at AMCOG Games we are busy developing new software including:

  • Updates to the AMCOG Game kit are in progress: New sound samples, graphics and features
  • Updates to add joystick support to some older titles
  • A new title for release at the next RISC OS show : Hair Rush
  • Armbook ports for Mutant Penguin and Cyborg are under way

And.... Going into beta for Windows and Linux is an enhanced version of Star Mine.


  • Up-graded to 720p in 16 million colours
  • Greater visual field depth
  • Power ups
  • More levels
Some of these enhancements will be backported to the original RISC OS version.

Watch this space...

12th March 2020 : Scuba Hunter is now available

We have updated Scuba Hunter to version 1.04 and have made this available

for purchase via the PlingStore.

Please see below for more information

1st March 2020 : Scuba Hunter released at South West show

Thank you to everyone who bought games at the South West show last


Your support is much appreciated.

We are working on an update to Scuba Hunter and plan to release it

to the Plingstore later this week.

22nd Feburary 2020 : The Wifi Sheep YouTube Interview

AMCOG Games' Tony Bartram has been interviewed by Wifi Sheep on

during the recent RISC OS Direct Live stream.

Check out the interview here:

Wifi Sheep coverage of the RISC OS South-West show

22nd Feburary 2020 : Free AMCOG music and games

Overlord and Mutant Penguin are now included for free within RISC OS Direct.

In addition, we have contributed 5 MP3s including two original songs.

Download RISC OS Direct